Love On A Battlefield


Pop culture has had an enduring obsession with the subject of love and war. From the likes of the silver screen to literary prose you would be hard pressed to find an artistic outlet that did not explore the various emotional situations that embrace the aforementioned subject matter. Lyricists & musicians often pen and perform these sentiments as well. Think Tracy Lawrence’s “If I Don’t Make It Back”, Tim McGraw’s “If You’re Reading This”, David Gray’s “You’re The One I Love”, Carrie Underwood’s “Just A Dream” and the Dixie Chicks’ “Travelin’ Soldier”. Each speaks of a love lost due to war. A soldier and a civilian making the ultimate sacrifice for their country; but, what of the love stories that have a happy ending? I came across two while attending the GI Film Festival’s  kick-off event: Secrets and Spies Party and Silent Auction – A Salute to 50 Years of James Bond.

Originally, I was intrigued by their infectious smiles and – to be honest – their heavily decorated uniforms. As I made my approach to introduce myself, their eyes met mine and welcomed me with a genuine, warm demeanor. I found out rather quickly that this military quartet were related and their love stories were worthy of silver screen magic. So all your budding directors and screen writers might want to contact these two beautiful couples.

The first couple I met was Colonel Lisa Moores, an active Army Physician with 23 years under her belt and spouse Colonel Leon Moores, an active but soon to retire Army Physician, with 22 years respectively. The two were attending the Uniform Services University Medical School in Bethesda, MD. At this time, Colonel Lisa Moores was a second year student and in charge of a Dining Out Function for the medical students. Colonel Leon Moores, a first year student, attended the function and asked Colonel Lisa Moores to dance. They have been together ever since and continue to serve our country side by side.

The second couple I met was Colonel Leon Moores’ brother, Retired Army Major Larry D. Moores, (9 years enlisted and 12 years serving as an officer) and his wife Officer Kerry Moores. I was told by his family that Retired Army Major Larry Moores was a true hero; however, being the humble gentleman that he is, he would not go into too much detail. So, of course, I looked to his wife for more information. Still keeping rather secretive, Office Moores told me that while active Retired Army Major Moores led and deployed Rangers in Granada. He was also well traveled, serving our country in Panama, Riyadh, Iraq and Afghanistan. He served as a Platoon Leader in Mogadishu, Somalia and was also a Task Force Ranger in 1993.

Their love story began in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Officer Kerry Moores was a Patriot Officer and Retired Army Major Larry Moores was the Infantry Commander in charge of protecting the Patriot Sites. Officer Moores states, “He was doing Officer Professional Development for the patriot guys on his experiences in Mogadishu. We were friends for seven years before we decided it was true love.”

So, you see, love can happen anywhere and anytime when you least expect it…even on a battlefield!

A huge thank you to the Moores family for their dedication, selflessness and, most importantly, their service to our great nation. In true Moores family fashion, they told me that four Moores children have enlisted in the Army as well. So, the tradition continues…

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