Behind “Toy Soldier” with Nicole Rosen

Filmmaker Nicole Rosen parallels the fantasy world of an 8-year-old boy with the harsh reality of his father fighting in Iraq in Toy Soldier.

“I really wanted a story that could reach out to a universal audience and touch the lives of many,” Nicole said. She was inspired to create a story that focused on military families and the innocent perspective of a child.

“I want audiences to take away a sense of understanding for what military families go through each and every day and how tough being deployed is for every individual putting their lives on the line for us. I want them to understand this young boy’s struggle but also see how precious life is. Never take for granted anything.” She added, “Most veterans know how precious life is and they cherish every moment with family and friends.”

Nicole loves to read, spend time with friends and family, run, write, and ice skate in her free time.

Catch Toy Soldier at the AMC Shirlington Theater in Arlington, VA on Sunday, May 12th at 9:45am during the 2013 GIFF. Learn more about the film here.

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