A Look at Veteran Nation with James Carafano

Veteran Nation, executively produced by Army veteran James Carafano, explores the treatment of veterans throughout decades of war. The documentary features inspirational interviews from veterans of all branches of the service and encourages community involvement to honor their sacrifice.

James was inspired to make the film after learning about a community service group in Montana called Warriors and Quiet Waters, which helps rehabilitate veterans using fly fishing as a therapeutic experience. “I thought every community can do something like this,” he said.

James revealed that he was deeply moved by the veterans interviewed in the film, and outlined some of the ideas he has to pave the way for successful community service projects that will benefit them. He said, “The keys to a successful program we call the three Cs. Contact- the hardest task is finding vets and assessing their needs. Comradeship -the best programs have a peer or mentor component putting veterans with Veterans. Community- the most successful programs are rooted in communities.”

When asked what he wants audiences to take away from the film, he replied, “Serving veterans is a national responsibility not governments’ job. How we treat our veterans will determine what kind of nation we will be in the future.”

Aside from filmmaking, James is a writer and has authored several books. He is a practicing military historian and holds a PhD in History. His favorite movie of all time is Casablanca.

Catch Veteran Nation on Sunday, May 12th at the AMC Shirlington Theater in Arlington, VA.

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