Why No Love for the Air Force Hollywood?

President Harry S Truman marked August 1 as Air Force Day.  Congratulations Air Force!  The rest of the branches celebrate Armed Forces Day, but hey, since you are the youngest branch, perhaps you need some special attention (just like the youngest of most families…)

For whatever reason though, moviemakers out there don’t see the thrill of documenting the Air Force. Really?  Why not?  In the naval aviation movie Top Gun starring Tom Cruise, filmmakers showed that flying and landing on a boat can be super cool.  Can’t the Air Force be just as cool?  However, Top Gun actually sounds much cooler than the true-life image of an Air Force C5 taking off and landing in the middle of a desert landing strip in Texas.

But, it shouldn’t  be too hard to make the Air Force seem glamorous on film. It had its moments on screen in past years with The Right Stuff and Twelve O’clock High.  The U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) also gets honorable mention in Little Miss Sunshine and there’s even a rumor that Scar’s cave in The Lion King was designed based on the terrazzo at USAFA.  When the Air Force is portrayed in film, it’s usually in the background, recognizable only to those who know it.

But let me just ask this: who else could have rescued Harrison Ford, (err…President Marshall) from a hijacked Air Force One except U.S. Air Force Para-rescue Jumpers in a mid-air operation from a C-130?

What do you think?  What blockbuster film should Hollywood make about the Air Force?

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