The Making of Dog It Down with Mark Haapala

Mark Haapala’s film Dog it Down is based on an incident that occurred during the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The USS West Virginia was sent to the bottom of the harbor with three sailors trapped inside an air tight compartment. The film follows the plight of the men as they experience a wide range of emotions.

“Each of our characters in the movie go through [the five stages of grief] at some point in the film. It’s impossible to imagine what these men were going through … it just seemed like such a compelling story that needed to be told,” Mark revealed.

Several  film crew members are veterans of different service branches and provided technical advice. While researching the subject, Mark was impressed by how calmly the sailors acted during the attack. “I was shocked to learn that people could be so calm under extreme circumstances,” he said.

Aside from filmmaking, Mark enjoys tennis, skiing, surfing, cooking, writing, and performing stand-up comedy. His favorite film is The Goonies.

Watch Dog It Down at 9:45am Saturday, May 11th at the AMC Shirlington Theater in Arlington, VA. Learn more here.

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