Reliving “12:15 Sunday” with Taylor Jenkins

With his plane on fire and seconds away from crashing, navigator John Jenkins had little choice but to bail out over Nazi Germany. Disoriented, cold, and without food and water, he faced great odds getting back to the American lines.

Filmmaker Taylor Jenkins captures this riveting ordeal in his film 12:15 Sunday.

Taylor was inspired to listen to WWII veterans tell the stories they had kept to themselves for so long. He said, “I feel honored to just help one of those stories come to the screen to share with others. This is a special time for us to honor this generation’s stories of service to our country.”

Asked what he wants audiences to take away from the film, he replied, “I would like them to simply take away John’s story. He was gracious enough to share a time in his memory that proved difficult to share and relive.”

In addition to filmmaking, Taylor enjoys trail running, researching Biblical scriptures, and learning to play the violin.

Watch 12:15 Sunday at the AMC Shirlington Theater in Arlington, VA on Sunday, May 12th at 4:30pm during the 2013 GIFF. Learn more about the film here.



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