Upcoming Rockfest film to Support Wounded Warriors!

I am already packed for the GI film festival 2011.

I was packing another bag this morning for the road trip to Colorado Indiespirit Film Festival April 14-18 2011 for the screening of The Triangle of Death, the award documentary film 2009 GI film festivals founder choice,  when my phone rang. I had emailed the organizer of the 2011 rockfest  about doing a film documenting the event this year. I was told in a replied email that there was already filmmaker in place for this project.

My phone rang out of the blue– they want me on board to spear head the film project.  Wounded Warrior Rockfest is a music festival benefit with the goal of bringing our community together to honor and support those who have sacrificed for our safety and our freedom. The funds raised from WWR will be passed directly through to the Wounded Warrior Project. Although we a wholly separate entity from the Wounded Warrior Project, we do share the same fundamental goal: to honor and support our wounded warriors.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are distant concepts to many of us. Few of us personally know any of the men and women who serve their country at great personal risk and sacrifice. And yet it is because of their selfless service that we remain free and prosperous. The men and women of our military have given so much and have asked for so little in return. We cannot let their service go unnoticed. WWR allows us an opportunity to give back to them and to express our gratitude in a very real and personal way.

This movement is just getting started. We invite everyone with the desire to be involved to join us. Each volunteer is asked to consider his and her own talents and abilities and to offer them in service to those who served us. Our reward is the satisfaction of knowing that our gesture, though meager in comparison, may express our immeasurable gratitude for their service and sacrifice”.

I am inspired and feel very compelled to do this film documenting the rock fest and also putting a face to many of our nation wounded warriors. Wounded warrior rockfest is going to be a very compelling film as I develop the story especially knowing that all proceeds goes to support wounded warriors.

This is a project very dear to my heart as I am a purple heart recipient and a wounded warrior myself.  The film will also be a great tool to continue educating our American society about the serviceman and servicemen who have put country first.  My head is spinning around at the kickstarter web page again with my attempt to raise funding so I can at least have a happy working crew.

All in all it will be exciting to finally be able to attend the GI Film Festival 2011, before I can disappear back into another feature film production work.

Respectfully yours,

Director: Folleh Shar Francis Tamba

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