When I was making Shepherds of Helmand last year someone asked me about film festivals. I told them there was only one that really mattered to me and that was the GI Film Festival. I am so honored to have had a chance to participate in this year’s festival and am truly humbled to have had my film singled out for an honor amidst such a strong field of films.

What you have done transcends the world of film festivals by creating a true community where passionate film makers, our veterans and those who support them can gather for a few magical days. The number of rejection letters that I and no doubt many of my peers have received from other film festivals merely validates the need for what you do. I was in awe of the quality of the films you selected and I know that that each one of them will help to educate, heal and preserve the legacies of our veterans. Every city in America should experience what you have built.

You have poured your heart and soul into this festival and it shows.

– Gary Mortensen, Director, Shepherds of Helmand (Winner, 2011 Military Channel Award)

“Not all of us are called to serve our country as soldiers, but as filmmakers we can serve our country by honoring those that do; and the GI Film Festival has helped us accomplish this and much more.”

– Arthur Fishel III

The GI Film Festival is one of the most organized festivals I have been to. The entire staff was friendly, helpful, and down to earth. They provided some amazing experiences for the filmmakers including a tour of the Pentagon and Walter Reed Hospital, a Congressional Reception, an opportunity to see all of the films selected for their festival, as well as great after parties and receptions. Don’t miss their Film Makers Boot Camp. I learned so much from the numerous speakers and wouldn’t miss this Festival for anything. A huge thanks to everyone involved for making the festival such an awesome experience for all.

– Josh Sampson

“An amazing and supportive festival that fostered a real sense of community for the filmmakers and audiences. It was a powerful and unforgettable experience. My best festival experience on the circuit yet!”

– Nicholas Brennan, Writer & Director A Marine’s Guide to Fishing