Eric Huurre

Eric Huurre

Eric Huurre, Director & Producer
OPERATION: Emotional Freedom – The Answer

Working from a core belief that “the human story” is a critical aspect of effective learning, Eric forms strategic alliances to underwrite and deliver social-issue programming to targeted audiences in strategic partnerships with communities of interest, marketers and media outlets. Two international CLIO’s, a national Event Marketing Award and numerous industry honors and personal testimonials attest to the Eric’s ability to generate significant outreach to targeted audiences.

Eric’s commitment to producing positive-impact documentary and public information programming extends throughout his work as a producer and director on projects for: National Geographic Explorer; Discovery Channel; Outdoor Life Network; CBC; Channel 4; Disney Channel and many other broadcasters, webcasters and live events.

Eric chose to produce a feature length documentary as a compelling way to bring awareness of the alarming statistics on post traumatic stress in combat veterans. Following the application of a controversial, but dramatically successful energy therapy for three years resulted in OPERATION: Emotional Freedom – The Answer. The film and the alliance it includes to break past the barriers to new and complimentary therapies mark the latest campaign in a career of conceiving and producing high profile, public awareness initiatives on a host of contemporary themes.

Since its launch in the summer of 2010, the film has sold in over 25 countries throughout the world and has been presented to government agencies including the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate Committees on Veterans’ Affairs. Over 23 million veterans in America and countless more wives, children and parents are ready for –The Answer


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