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The GI Film Festival is like no other military non-profit organization you have ever encountered. Not only does GIFF serve a critical charitable purpose – preserving the stories of veterans and helping veterans find success in entertainment – but through its weekly television series reaching every active duty GI around the globe, high-level military media partners and high-wattage celebrity and VIP-driven events, GIFF has an unparalleled reach into the military and military family communities.

GIFF can help you fulfill your charitable purpose in supporting the troops, blast your message to the military market – A $95 billion marketing opportunity – and enhance your bottom line!  Contact us today to learn more about GIFF sponsorship.


Photos from the GI Film festival


The GI Film Festival (GIFF) is the nation’s preeminent military entertainment venue. Its mission is to preserve the stories of American GIs through film, television and gaming; to educate the public about veteran issues, such as post-traumatic stress and unemployment; and to prepare military veterans for success in the entertainment industry.

Owing to its success in support of American GIs, GIFF has earned numerous awards, including the American Legion’s prestigious National Commander’s PR award previously given to Jack Valenti, Tom Brokaw, Lou Dobbs and the late Tim Russert, to name just a few prior recipients.  GIFF also attracts the support of reputable companies such as American Airlines, USAA, The Military Channel, NBC Universal, and the MPAA, among many others.

GIFF films cover every branch of service, every American conflict and every film genre, while also serving as a critical public education tool by addressing a wide variety of veteran issues, including: veteran unemployment, veteran homelessness and post-traumatic stress.

GIFF’s films have earned distribution in theaters, television and cable broadcasts, on-line, in retail stores and on-demand.  Some have been nominated for Academy Awards.  GIFF also hosts the only independent weekly television series on The Pentagon Channel, which is broadcast to all military bases worldwide, inside the Pentagon, and to 30+ million homes via cable and satellite television, providing unprecedented access for its partners to military decision makers, active duty GIs, veterans and military families.

Consistent with its mission to help prepare military veterans for success in the entertainment industry, GIFF hosts a “Finance and Distribution Boot Camp” to train military filmmakers on the “business” side of the filmmaking business.  And in the effort to connect service-member to society, GIFF educates the public through high-impact panel discussions, media events and public awareness campaigns emphasizing themes of importance to GIFF’s entertainment industry partners and the American Armed Forces.

Aside from this charitable mission, GIFF is an official member of the Hollywood community’s “Got Your Six” military support campaign and has become a valued partner of the studio system, leveraging its network of military media and veteran service organization partners to help promote studio movies with a military presence.

In short, GIFF is a very unique organization. Not only does it serve a critical charitable purpose – preserving the stories of veterans and helping veterans find success in entertainment – but through its media sponsors and partners also has a tremendous reach into the military and military family communities.

Moreover, with high wattage festival events in Washington, DC, New York City and Hollywood, GIFF penetrates pop culture in a way that very few military support organizations can, educating the public about a wide range of veteran issues and connecting service-member to society. Contact us today to learn more about GIFF sponsorship.


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The U.S. military payroll exceeds $95 billion annually.  When you look at the 1.4 million people serving on active duty, you’re looking at today’s “Super Consumers.” They’re young and affluent, with an average annual compensation of more than $54,000 (vs. $33,700 for all U.S. adults). Nearly 55% are married and heads of household.

Unlike their civilian counterparts, they all have full-time jobs, 30 days’ annual paid vacation, with basics like rent and meals and health care already covered. Because most major shopping is done through the tax-free military exchange and commissary system, every dollar buys 30% more.

According to the Military Times, their subscriber has an average household income of more than $82,618 (27% higher than the average U.S. household income. Contact us today to learn more about GIFF sponsorship.

Photos from the GI Film festival

Upcoming Events

GIFF DC 2015

Coming May 2015


Fall 2015

What actor Robert Duvall says about the GI Film Festival

Robert Duvall Speaking at the GI Film Festival

Robert Duvall Speaking at the GI Film Festival

“Trust me when I say, this is a truly powerful event. I participated in the festival a few years back and it was an unforgettable experience for me. As I said then, the GI Film Festival is critical because we must look up to our heroes. They are to be celebrated and lauded. And that is what this festival is all about.”
Actor Robert Duvall

Photos from the GI Film festival

GIFF:  High Wattage Exposure

Each year, GIFF grows in size and influence.  Press coverage for the most recent festival included:

GIFF Media Partner Advertising


GIFF Earned Media Exposure

10,000,000-plus!  Partial list of coverage:  The Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Bloomberg News, ABC News, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, The Huffington Post, and Fox News.com

The Pentagon Channel Weekly Series

30 million homes and all military bases.

GIFF Trailer Plays (Vimeo/Youtube)

70,000-plus not including media partners

GIFF Social Media

 15,000 strong and growing (Facebook, Twitter, E-Blast)

GIFF Seats Filled

6,000-plus and growing


Broadcast on The Military Channel and many other outlets.

Actress Glenn Close and General Casey at the GI Film Festival

Actress Glenn Close and General George Casey, former Army Chief of Staff , at the GI Film Festival

former Army Chief of Staff

Who’s Attended GIFF


Celebrity Participants
(partial list):

Gary Sinise, Jeremy Renner, Glenn Close, Robert Duvall, Kelsey  Grammer, Wynonna Judd, Joe Mantegna, Mark Valley, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ricky Schroder, Mykelti Williamson, Jeffrey Ross, Faizon Love, David James Elliott, Christy Carlson Romano. 

Members of Congress
(partial list):

Senator John McCain, the late Senator Daniel K. Inouye, Former Sens. Christopher Dodd, Scott Brown and Fred Thompson, Reps. Loretta Sanchez, Jeff Miller, John Kline, Rosa DeLauro, Marcy Kaptur.

Military Brass
(partial list):

Chief of the National Guard Bureau Gen. Frank Grass Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. John Campbell, former Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey, Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 

GI Film Festival Advisory Committee

  • Matt Battaglia
    Producer/Actor, CEO, Matt Battaglia Productions
    Sheila Casey
    Chief Operating Officer of The Hill Newspaper
    Bill Chatfield
    Dir., Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc.
    Frances A. Cheever
    Writer/ Veterans in Film and Television
  • Marc Cohen
    Award-winning publicist, Executive Consultant at 20th Century Fox
    Brian Conklin
    Vice President of Federal Government Affairs (USAA)
    Steve Dunning
    Captain Dale Dye
    Actor/Producer/Director, Veteran, Founder of Warriors, Inc.
  • Jonathan Flora
    Veteran, Producer, Walt Disney Studio Home Entertainment
    Todd Flournoy
    President of The Flournoy Group LLC
    Brandon K. Hogan
    Executive Producer
    Michele S. Jones
    Director of External Veterans/Military Affairs and Community Outreach
  • Jay Kopelman
    Board Member, Former Executive Director of Freedom Is Not Free
    Naresh Malik
    Chief Executive Officer at Zonzia Media Inc.
    LTC Douglas Martin
    Canadian Forces Public Affairs Attaché
    Mary Joe Myers
    Associate Director of Public Affairs at Hayes and Associates
  • Dr. Vince Patton
    Veteran, VP for Homeland Security Programs for AFCEA International
    Karri Turner
    Cheryl Felicia Rhoads
    Actor, Founder of The Cheryl Felicia Rhoads Northern VA Acting School
    Christy Carlson Romano
    Broadway Star,
    Author, and Actor