CSI’s Gary Sinise Returns to GIFF 2011

The GI Film Festival is pleased to announce that Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor Gary Sinise will return to the GI Film Festival in 2011.

Mr. Sinise will participate in the festival’s Congressional Reception to be held Wednesday, May 11, 2011.  Additional details forthcoming.

Well-known for his unwavering commitment to our men and women in uniform, Gary Sinise is a former recipient of the GI Film Festival’s “GI Spirit Award,” which is presented to an entertainer who embodies the spirit of an American GI in their creative and philanthropic work.  Sinise received the award during the inaugural GI Film Festival in 2007.

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  • DeborahRitter 11 / 03 / 2011

    thank you for being there military GI Film festival Im fighting a war on terror with black drug pole now even muslims aid is included you want to believe my lance corporal that this was worse than wummit twers the drug people will kill you-I didnt want to believe him or I didnt think he was accurate if it werent for the military association of america magazine,dav,navy tapes now your GI Film Festival notice thinking maybe one of my tapes will surgface to clear the wonderful men that should be in our history books the good guys the terrific,guys the guys that gave with their heart soul everything they had inside and out to try and keep ggood people her e in new york and combat this war on terror go down in history books like spitzer,bruno,bush-MajGenRitter-Ive never wore so many jewels or bettter clothes

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