Top 5 Realistic Military Movies
By Joonsung Oh Everyone knows that there is a bit of Hollywood inserted into most military movies.  But how does the average movie-goer know how to distinguish between what is real and what is movie magic?  We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favorite films that are as close to real as you can Continue Reading
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It's A Wrap!

Congratulations to Our 2016 Best of Fest Winners!
Best of Fest Laurel 2016

GI Choice Award
Stephen Lang

Best GEICO Military Short Short
Naptown Funk,” directed By Rylan Tuohy

Best Student Film
The Letter,” directed by Yifan Xiao

Best International Film
Absent Without Love,” directed by Fredi “Kruga” Nwaka

Best Narrative Feature
Last Man Club,” directed by Bo Brinkman

Best Narrative Short
The Fog,” directed By Ted Martland

Best Female Director
USS Indianapolis: The Legacy,” directed By Sara Vladic

Best Documentary Short
Forced Landing,” directed By Daniel Wyss

Best Documentary Feature
Thank You for Your Service,” directed by Tom Donahue

Best Action Feature
Rising Fear,” directed by Tom Getty

Founders’ Choice Award
The Unimaginable Journey of Peter Ertel” directed by Joseph Cahn

American Heroes Channel Award
Heroes on Deck,” directed by John Davies

Military Filmmaker Award 
No Greater Love,” directed by Justin Roberts

Best Music Video
Stand,” directed By Tammy Hineline

Best Original Screenplay
Jack Rabbit,” written by Eric Carlson
Fearless,” written by Judy Watkins

GI Choice Film Award
Range 15,” directed by Ross Patterson